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SMS Marketing


Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a another way of advertising through mobile phones. This is also called as mobile marketing or sms marketing.
Research have shown that this year Companies are spending almost three times the amount of money spent on mobile advertising as compared to last year,
Empro IT Solutions offers cost effective sms marketing solutions.
Engage new markets and customers with mobile ads marketing through Empro IT Solutions. Find out why companies use mobile ads through Empro IT Solutions.
Empro IT Solutions is a renowned name in the world of digital marketing, offering unique & best service across India for mobile marketers.
Empro IT Solutions enables Indias leading companies, brands to promote products/services through Mobile advertisement
Mobile advertisement is now a next-generation technology.

Advertising is a medium which connects buyer to seller. To effectively carry out this process one needs to understand Target market. For any advertising to be successful one needs careful study of the product & advertising method so as to get maximum ROI (Return on investment). One can get result from Traditional advertising methods such as magazines, television and newspapers but at huge cost. Also now these form of advertising is very common & buyers are least converted. This is where Digital Advertising comes into picture. Sellers are gradually moving to Digital form of advertising because its cost effective as compared to any form of advertising.

Companies and business who are always in search of new form of digital marketing can use Mobile advertising so as to capture the market. So its the right time for Advertisers to accept Digital Advertising while your competitors waste time in scratching their hairs. Mobile Marketing  or SMS advertising is one form of Mobile Advertising which works mutually together.

Why Does Mobile Advertising Work?

SMS advertising

sms advertising is successful because your SMS advertisement can go to the target audience at the right time & right place & that too very quickly & cost effectively and this is what advertisers are looking for. This is the main reason why the overall trend of advertising is moving towards mobile marketing. If one studies the yearly pattern of advertisers investing in various form of advertising one will find out that amount invested in Mobile advertising is more as compared to other medium.

The overall trend is that SMS advertisement works. The reason behind the same is because mobile advertising generates return on your investment (ROI). And this is what all company wants. Also it has been seen that ROI (Return on investment) in SMS marketing is much higher compared to any other form of marketing.

The Digital Advertising market is one form of mobile advertising. For any form of marketing one needs to understand the target customers likes / dislikes & also the correct way to approach them. Without this any marketing strategy would fail. Empro media have the mobile advertising resources and expertise to get your campaign up and running. In this fast growing world where companies are always in search of innovative ways to approach prospective customers SMS advertising is the best option. For any campaign to be successful one needs to understand whether the right people are targeted with the locality. Many companies have accepted the same & started changing the marketing statergy. So its now time for you to catch the rapidly changing form of marketing in order to generate more business & be in pace with the Mobile revolution before your competitors take advantage of the same. Increase in Sales is the major concern for all companies & Mobile Marketing can be a part of it if implemented in correct way.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a part of Mobile Advertising. For SMS marketing to be successful one needs to frame precise message content which can convince your potential clients. Here we not only provide sms marketing solutions but we also have professional team who can help you framing the message content. Along with the same getting the right crowd is important. In short detailed profiled  campaign would give maximum results as compared to random unfocused campaign.  This is a simple principle of all kinds of advertising that is still applicable to SMS marketing.

As with all elements of business and of course with SMS marketing, you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible when running a text marketing campaign. 

Here at Empro Media we undertake Bulk SMS service wherein we would be using our resources to send sms on your behalf. We provide Complete start to end sms marketing solutions.

We send Bulk SMS Messaging or SMS ads using our Mobile database. We maintain segregated SMS database at our end. Using profiled & filtered Mobile database we conduct targeted Bulk SMS advertisement campaign. We Send mobile ads with SMS Sending Software to any location in India including metro cities like delhi,mumbai,bangalore,chennai,gujarat,ahmedabad,baroda.

We send mail/SMS to opt-in Subscribers Only.


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Corporate Office:

EMPRO IT Solutions
Office no 2, Jeevan Vibhuti CHS, Haji Bapu road, Malad(East), Mumbai 400097. India. 
Phone : 09221667778. 
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