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  Cost Effective Bulk SMS service across india.  
Instant high Priority SMS Gateway to send Alert & Critical Messages. 

  5 digit SMS Short Code Services for 2 way Communication  

SMS Gateway india


   SMS gateway Provider india

SMS Gateway

Empro Media's bulk SMS Gateway enables any Website, Application or Information System with high speed, technologically advanced SMS Services. Integration with all kinds of applications can be implemented via a range of simple, flexible APIs offering a wide array of connection options viz. HTTP, XML etc. We provide a comprehensive API Integration document which guides you smoothly through the complete integration process.

We are one of the leading SMS gateway Provider in India. 

SMS Gateway provider

Bulk SMS Gateway Software: Bulk SMS is the first choice of for marketing companies/marketing people. The great advantage of Bulk SMS is that in single click one SMS can be sent to multiple people & that is the reason Bulk SMS is being used by many people for different purpose. The technology behind bulk SMS is bulk SMS Gateway software. Bulk SMS Gateway is developed to send mass sms & can send lacs of messages in very short time based on the operator TPS (Through put speed). Higher the TPS more faster the messages can be delivered. Bulk SMS Gateway is equipped with the software wherein one can create multiple groups & can send bulk SMS in a single click throughout india via computer & internet to any mobile phones. The list of Mobile nos can be imported from any file or phone memory. There is virtually no limit to the size of import & one can import any number of contacts in that software. Also there is message saving option with which you can save it & make a template. These templates can be later viewed for reference purpose. These entire activity can be done by any layman. No technically sound back ground is required. Also this software can be installed on any windows operating systems. We are the leading SMS gateway Provider in India.


 Bulk SMS Gateway india

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Corporate Office:

EMPRO IT Solutions
Office no 2, Jeevan Vibhuti CHS, Haji Bapu road, Malad(East), Mumbai 400097. India. 
Phone : 09221667778. 
Email: sales@emproit.com  Website: www.empromedia.com


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