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5 digit short code service


  2 Way SMS Service, Dedicated Long Code Usage


5 Digit Short Code Service


We are the leading SMS Short code/ service provider / two way sms service (2 way SMS Service)  in India. Get one Keyword on 5 digit Short code for just Rs. 5000 Yearly..This is the only and best offer available in the market. Guaranteed Lowest Price. No Setup Cost. Absolutely No hidden cost..

Get one Keyword on 5 digit Short code for just Rs. 5000 Yearly

What is SMS Short Code Services ?
A shortcode is a special number that is much shorter than normal mobile numbers. This makes it easy to memorize. SMS Short code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers. Short Code service works with Keyword. SMS Short codes Keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the short code number for e.g. if your company name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABC on our short code, when your customers send an SMS from any mobile with message ABC and space, they will get a automatic instant reply which is set by you. This response message can be set in the SMS Software control panel provided to you. An example of a response message can be ???Thankyou for your interest in your services. Our executive will get back to you shortly???. This is known as Two way SMS Service (2 way SMS Service) .

Unlimited SubKeyword Facility with dynamic Autoresponder Message based on Subkeyword. 

You can create unlimited subkeywords & set different Autoresponder message for different subkeywords from your control panel. For e.g. if main Keyword is ABC then you can create subkeywords as ABC SALES or ABC PURCHASE etc. 

Application of Short Code Services :

Lead generation campaigns where prospective customers can SMS a keyword to get a call back from the company???s sales executive. 

Generate sales leads by publishing your keyword in all your marketing campaigns. Mobile keywords can be an excellent mobile marketing tool for any kind of mobile campaigns. Also widely used for value-added services such as Reality Show Voting, Customers Feed back, Voting & Polling, Automated Lead Generation, Online Subscriptions, Exam Results & Media & Entertainment Sectors. This service is available in India only.

Complete Reporting Available in SMS Services and Software:
View the list of mobile numbers from which the SMS has been sent (along with their region of origin). 
Filter the report by date range 
Download the report in the form of a Microsoft Excel CSV file. 
Print the report.

EmproIT is a leading sms short code service provider having direct venture with operators for Short codes & are now one of the leading company in short codes service provider in India.

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