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  Very Cost Effective for MASSIVE Bulk SMS across india.  
Instant Priority Gateway to send Alert & Critical Messages. 

  Short Code Services for 2 way Communication  

Premium Bulk SMS, Premium SMS India


  2 Way SMS Service, Dedicated Long Code Usage

Priority SMS - Premium Bulk SMS - Alert SMS - Premium bulk sms services - Premium SMS Gateway

Priority SMS Features :

Premium bulk sms services are used by many corporates, stock brokers, banks,  financial institutes etc who needs instant delivery from our sms server using our Free bulk sms software. Priority SMS gets the highest weight age because of its importance & so are delivered quickly.  

Priority SMS is specifically ment for clients where time is critical factor. Used widely among Stock Brokers / Banks / MNC Corporates to send Alerts to their clients.

Highlights of Priority SMS / Alert SMS :

* High Speed, Instant delivery of messages
* 99% service uptime in Premium bulk sms services. Load balancer for high loads. Redundant server for Business continuity.
* Uninterrupted service experience with robust backend & hardware.
* Guaranteed SMS Delivery to all mobile networks in India.
* Dedicated Premium SMS bandwidth for high volume users.
* Premium SMS gateway are equipped with Multiple connectivities from various mobile operators.

Premium SMS is also known as Alert SMS or Transactional SMS since its mostly used for Alert & critical purpose. Some of the known areas where Alert SMS is used is 

1. Banks sending Transaction details to its own customer
2. ATM sending automatic SMS to the Credit Card holder in case of Card swipe
3. Vehicle Tracking where in SMS would be instantly sent to the owner incase of intrusion by unkown person to avoid theft.
4. To send login information. When any user logins automatically one SMS goes to the owner.

Detailed numberwise history will be available with detailed specific reason in case of non delivery. We have support team which can investigate & find out the reason for non delivery or failure.

Priority SMS will get delivered to all numbers including DND nos. (Do not disturb) nos.

Priority SMS customers are costly as compared to Normal marketing SMS & so these customers get premium support.

Guaranteed SMS Delivery, Instant delivery of messages


Transactional SMS 
SMS service 24hr
SMS delivery Instantly
SMS Delivery 100%
SMS delivered to DND numbers also
SMS will display Your 6 Letters Sender ID (LM-EMPSMS)
Credits Cost Per SMS( Paisa) Validity Sender ID 
10000 SMS 20 ps + tax Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
25000 SMS 18 ps + tax Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
50000 SMS 16 ps + tax Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
1Lakh SMS & above 14 ps + tax Unlimited LM-EMPSMS



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Cell : 09221667778. 
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