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Bulk SMS Service

          High Priority bulk sms            SMS Short Code service
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  Cost Effective Bulk SMS service across india.  
Instant high Priority SMS Gateway to send Alert & Critical Messages. 

  5 digit SMS Short Code Services for 2 way Communication  

bulk sms service india


  Bulk SMS Service in india

Bulk SMS Service

Mobile phones have become an essential part in our life. The fact is because its the  cheapest means of communication. Nowadays people are always on move to find cost effective & fastest mode of communication. This is where bulk sms comes into picture. The best part is that in single click one can send sms to several people. This is useful for B2B & B2C companies wherein upcoming deals, coupons & new products can be sent across by bulk sms service.

We at Empro IT Solutions are the #1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. We are the bulk sms providers across India.

Send Bulk SMS message across India from your PC to any Mobile using our bulk sms sender. Simple web based software for sending bulk sms. Try our Bulk SMS Service to feel the difference.

Bulk SMS Service

Advantages of Bulk SMS Service

In any kind of business keeping in touch with clients is necessary. Clients do not always contact unless need arises. Using bulk sms service to regularly update clients about new updates/events can drive in more business.

The second benefit is low cost & cost effective means of communication. Cost plays vital role for marketing in any business. Companies always look forward for new & affordable ways to communicate. Cheap bulk sms message is an alternative for the same.

The third benefit is Brand building & creating brand awareness. Studies reveal that results of bulk sms is excellent as compared to email, telecalling & other online advertising.

Bulk SMS Features :

User friendly interface. No expertise required.

DND filtration & automatic recredit for the same.

Instant delivery. No time lag.

Automatically removes duplicate Mobile nos.

Option to copy/paste mobile nos or select from .TXT/.CSV file or select group

Complete Delivery reports available. Option to export to Excel.

Schedule messages to send SMS later

Easy integration with your website or existing software by our HTTP developer API bulk sms solutions.

We provide 2 types of SMS:

 Promotional SMS 
SMS service 9am to 9pm
SMS Delivery instantly
SMS will Not deliver to DND numbers
SMS will Not display sender ID (LM-566231)
Credits   Validity Sender ID 
10000 SMS   Unlimited LM-566231
25000 SMS   Unlimited LM-566231
50000 SMS   Unlimited LM-566231
1Lakh SMS & above   Unlimited LM-566231
Transactional SMS 
SMS service 24hr
SMS delivery Instantly
SMS Delivery 100%
SMS delivered to DND numbers also
SMS will display Your 6 Letters Sender ID (LM-EMPSMS)
Credits   Validity Sender ID 
10000 SMS   Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
25000 SMS   Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
50000 SMS   Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
1Lakh SMS & above   Unlimited LM-EMPSMS
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Bulk Sms service in Pune

Bulk Sms service in Delhi


Corporate Office:

EMPRO IT Solutions
Office no 2, Jeevan Vibhuti CHS, Haji Bapu road, Malad(East), Mumbai 400097. India. 
Phone : 09221667778. 
Email: sales@emproit.com  Website: www.empromedia.com

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