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trai ndnc india


  bulk sms trai ndnc india

1. Are you a subscriber? And do you wish to block commercial communications? You can register your preference with your Service Provider either by way of voice call or SMS. In either case, you can do so by accessing the number 1909. Please note that this number is Toll Free, which means that the call you make or the SMS you send to this number will not be charged.

2. In blocking the commercial communication, you have two choices. You can register either in the

(a) Fully Blocked category; or in the
(b) Partially Blocked category

3. If you do not to want to get any commercial communication on your phone either by way of voice or SMS, please register in the Fully Blocked category;

4. Please register in the Partially Blocked category, if you wish to get commercial communications in the form of SMS in respect of any or all or some of the following seven subjects:

1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/Credit cards,
2. Real Estate,
3. Education,
4. Health,
5. Consumer goods and automobiles,
6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
7. Tourism and Leisure.

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Please note that in the Partially Blocked category, you will not receive any commercial communications in the form of voice calls.

How to register?

6. Once you have registered, you should get, subject to the correctness of your request, a unique registration number by SMS within 24 hours of registration. Please keep this number carefully as this will serve as a reference for your registration of preference.

7. Your request for registration on the National Customer Preference Register will be given effect to in 7 days counted from the date of request for such registration to the access provider.

8. If you are already registered in the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) you do not have to re-register; your registration will continue under the ???Fully Blocked??? category.

9. You may make a change in your preference at any point of time after expiry of three months from the date of registration or three months from the date of last change request. The service provider will confirm the registration of such a request within 24 hours to you through SMS, subject to the correctness of request. In case of errors in request, access provider will advise you to make a fresh request. 10. You may make a request for withdrawal of your registration from National Customer Preference Register, at any time after expiry of three months from the date of registration. The service provider will delete your number from the Provider Customer Preference Register inform you of the withdrawal of your registration through SMS within 24 hours, subject to correctness of such request.

10. No amount shall be charged from you for registration or change of preference or de-registration.

11. In case you receive an unsolicited commercial communication after expiry of seven days from the date of your registration in the Provider Customer Preference Register, you may make a complaint to your Access Provider, through voice call or SMS. The complaint has to be registered
from the telephone number on which the unsolicited commercial communication has been received. Your complaint should be made within three days of receipt of the unsolicited commercial communication.

12. In such complaints, please mention the particulars of the telemarketer, the telephone number from which the unsolicited commercial communication has originated, the date, time in 24 hrs format and brief description of such unsolicited commercial communication.

13. The customer complaint registration facility is toll free and telephone number for the same is 1909. The complaint will be acknowledged with a unique complaint number provided by access provider immediately.

14. The access provider shall take appropriate action on the complaint and inform you about its resolution within seven days, subject to the correctness of the complaint.

15. Detailed procedure to register the preference in National Customer Preference Register, change in registered preference, de-registration and registration of complaint is given on website www.nccptrai.gov.in


16.You can register your preference(s) for commercial communications by sending an SMS to 1909.

17. The procedure for opting for various categories/subjects is given below:

I. To opt for the fully blocked category, send SMS ???START 0??? to 1909.
II. To opt for the partially blocked category, send SMS ???Start <option>??? to 1909 as given below:

 ???START 1??? for receiving SMS relating to Banking/ Insurance / Financial products/Credit cards
 ???START 2??? for receiving SMS relating to Real Estate
 ???START 3??? for receiving SMS relating to Education
 ???START 4??? for receiving SMS relating to Health
 ???START 5??? for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobiles
 ???START 6??? for receiving SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment /IT,
 ???START 7??? for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure

Note 1: To opt for multiple preferences from categories send SMS ???Start <option1, option2, option3,???>??? to 1909. For example for receiving commercial SMSs from anking/Insurance/Financial products/Credit cards and Real Estate, send SMS in the format ???START 1, 2???.

Note 2: Preference ???0??? will always suppress other preferences. If ???0??? is sent with along any other customer preferences, it will be treated as a fully 5 blocked preference. For example, ???START ???0,2,3???, will be considered a fully blocked option.

For more details visit : www.nccptrai.gov.in


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