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Bulk SMS Service

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  Cost Effective Bulk SMS service across india.  
Instant high Priority SMS Gateway to send Alert & Critical Messages. 

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Bulk SMS Software india


  Web Based Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS Software

We are one of the leading bulk SMS Software company for developing or integrating SMS service into your applications. A client can use Empro IT Solutions Bulk SMS Software in 4 different ways as below:

1. Web Based Bulk SMS Software

We offer extremely robust & technology advanced web based Bulk SMS software, empowering clients to communicate with their target audience in a cost effective way instantly. All contacts will be saved on the server which can be accessed from anywhere. We will just provide you with your login details & you can just login, import data from Excel (.csv) or TEXT (.txt) format, type the message and sent it. Web Based Bulk SMS Software even have Manage Groups option to upload data in different groups. Our software will automatically remove duplicate Mobile nos while importing the data. Dynamic message sending is also possible. Lets say you have Mobile nos with Name & Mobile no and you want to send SMS personalize with Name then this utility is useful. Clients can use Bulk SMS Software to Send Bulk SMS Messages across india.

2. Bulk SMS software Excel Plugin

Download & Install Bulk SMS software Excel Plugin to send different SMS to different mobile number in one go and send SMS from the excel sheet. Once you install Bulk SMS software Excel Plugin you will see one button in Excel. You can click on that button & send SMS. Compatible with Office 2003 & Office 2007. It's a user friendly bulk SMS sending software.

3. Desktop Based Bulk SMS Software

Download & Install Desktop based Bulk SMS software application to send SMS to different mobile number in one go with all contacts saved on your local computer. Send bulk sms with ease from your desktop.

4. Developer API (HTTP / XML)

Developer API is used for integrating Bulk SMS software with websites, ERP/CRM Solutions or any other applications to send out automated Bulk SMS Alerts. Developers can also incorporate SMS into their application or systems using our HTTP API or SMPP Gateway. We also provide Various Connectivity Options viz HTTP API's if required to connect directly to our SMS Center (use for any application like client server applications etc) from any software applications.


Desktop Based Bulk SMS Software

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Corporate Office:

EMPRO IT Solutions
Office no 2, Jeevan Vibhuti CHS, Haji Bapu road, Malad(East), Mumbai 400097. India. 
Phone : 09221667778. 
Email: sales@emproit.com  Website: www.empromedia.com


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